Yolked! Polish

New Changes

  • Animated intro and game over cut scenes
  • Added object pooling to the ketchup and mustard particles
  • Fixed the ketchup and mustards’ triggers
  • Updated the lighting on the title screen
  • Fixed the tree outside of the window
  • Made all the obstacles/enemies respawn when the egg dies
  • Fixed a bug where the broken egg shell can reach a checkpoint
  • Added boost post it notes
  • Added new signs
  • Added a quit button to exit the built game
  • Locked the cursor to prevent it from going off the screen
  • Added a screen transition system
  • Added a MacroHard mode (no checkpoints)
  • Made a trailer for the game
  • Polished the level design
  • Updated graphics and materials
  • Deleted the warning UI indicators for knives
  • The egg can now latch onto moving objects
  • Fixed a bug where some enemies would hit the egg twice
  • Added more sound effects and improved the sound system


This week we wanted to make our game feel smoother and more professional, so many of our changes were oriented around bug fixes and polish (such as the scene transition system, locking the cursor, adding a quit button). We added some motivation/backstory to the game by building a set of intro animation cut scenes, where you finally get to see the human who is attacking you! In that spirit, we also added a top secret victory animation (no spoilers) inspired by Getting Over It. Additionally, we wanted to optimize the performance of the game because it was running slowly on some lower end machines, and we achieved major performance upgrades by building an object pooling system to handle all of the condiment particles for the ketchup and mustard obstacles. We added an additional hard mode for ambitious players, and made a trailer to get potential players excited about the game.

Plans for Next Week

Next week we want to implement a system where every time the egg dies, it gets replaced with a new egg from the egg carton. Once the entire carton of eggs has been used up, the player will be “out of lives” and get reset to the starting checkpoint. We also want to add some more dynamic level elements which move as you try to traverse them, and we are still in discussion about adding some type of motivation / reward system like spreading hats throughout the level for the egg to collect. We also want to continue to balance and fine tune the damage of each obstacle, the frequency of checkpoints and the difficulty of various level areas based on our next round of playtesting.


Yolked_Polish_Build.zip 240 MB
Apr 13, 2020

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