A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Make your way across the kitchen to escape through the window with your human-esque arms. Follow the egg's quest to get revenge on the human who tried to cook him and his friends! But remember, don't crack the egg!

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  • Left Arm: WASD (move), Spacebar (grab)
  • Right Arm: Mouse (move), Left Click (grab)
  • Pull Up Both Arms: W
  • Swing: A, D

  • Mind-numbing controls
  • Unforgiving gameplay
  • Frustrating, yet addicting experience

We are going to publish our game! As a result, this will be the last iteration we will be publishing on itch.io. We will continue publishing devlogs on this page to update everyone on our progress! 

Developer: HardBoiled Studios

  • Baha Okten
  • Hazel Wong
  • Floney Yang


  • Eli Lustig

Special thanks to:

  • Nicole Wong
  • Dennis Snyder
  • Dan Zakon

Install instructions

Please follow these instructions for Mac downloads.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Right click on the game and click "Open".
  3. In the first pop up screen, click "Cancel".
  4. Right click on the game and click "Open" again.
  5. In the second pop up screen, click "Open".
  6. Enjoy the game!


Yolked!(Catalina) 342 MB
Yolked!(Mac) 342 MB
Yolked!(Windows) 338 MB

Development log


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I will never forgive the mustard... and ketchup. Other than that, a really fun game once you get used to the controls.


once I learned the controls it was super fun to zoom around as an egg with hands!!